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What Is A Website Content Rewriter?

Welcome to the unique website content rewriter service. A website content rewriter, or web content rewriter, is a professional writer specializing in creating relevant and unique articles and content for websites, blogs or any online documents. Websites each have their own specific target audiences, and these audiences, sometimes also being subscribers to the site newsletter, will expect and demand only relevant content to engage them. Similarly, the website owners will only want highly relevant content to engage their readers, subscribers and visitors, and hopefully to engage new visitors to the extent that they will want to subscribe as well.

The need for a specialist website content rewriter can be explained by the need for unique content which will solve the problem both of charges of plagiarism and Google's duplicate content penalty.

So often, prospective clients will see content that they really love, and which they really want to have on their own website, but they know that they can't just copy and paste content from other websites and use it as their own! That is where I come in. I will rewrite the content so that it is even better than the original. I will write beautiful web articles, blog posts or the content of entire websites. All the work I create will be unique and original, and clinets are always happy and proud to have content that they can call their own and which they can use on their own websites.

All my work comes with a Copyscape proof of uniqueness and originality, so there can be no accusations of plagiarism and no Google duplicate penalty.

Relevant website content should usually contain specific keyword search terms which are related to its own specific subject matter, and aimed at establishing or improving the site's own SEO performance. In general, a website content writer or rewriter who has prior professional knowledge and a good working practice of SEO is also known as an SEO Content Writer.

‘Website Content Rewriter’ is sometimes a confusing term, because it can sometimes be used to denote a utility or software application which seeks to emulate a human writer in rewriting existing content so that it becomes completely unique content, thereby enabling the new content to be free of the charge of plagiarism, and being able to pass the Copyscape uniqueness test and similar tests which exist in order to establish whether or not an article or piece of content is unique.

For the avoidance of doubt, the service described on these pages is not performed by any software. That is because there is no software that exists which can emulate a professional human writer, irrespective of whether such software calls itself a “rewriter” (it is not a human rewriter) and irrespective of whether or not the software manufacturer makes claims that this is the case, or that its latest version uses artificial intelligence (AI) to pass the Turing test or other similar sales hype.

The fact of the matter remains that if you try to use software to write sensible content then you will be sorely disappointed. The output from a software “rewriter” will sometimes be readable and it may be programmed to be unique. But it is never unique and readable at the same time. It will produce errors, sometimes laughable howling errors, and only a fool would use such stuff. It will most likely damage your brand in a way that may take years to recover from.

Having said that, there now follows a section on software content rewriters that I currently recommend for those seeking a more hands-on DIY approach to their website content creation.


Web Content Rewriter Software

This section is related to the web content rewriter software that I currently recommend.


As you can see, it is a very short section. For the moment, at least.

But you may be assured that, should such software be created in my lifetime, this will be the first place where you will see recommendations for it as soon as one is available which actually works without getting you into a lot of trouble.

You may want to bookmark this page for when a software application arrives which actually does what its makers claim. But you may have a long wait.

Because, for the moment at least, rewriting software applications only produce rubbish.

No matter what the claims are of artificial intelligence (AI, which, in this context, is the last refuge of a scoundrel and software vendors wishing to fleece a gullible public), it's just rubbish.

That's it.


Website Content Rewriter Service

My name is Gordo Shawbrook (that’s the pen name I use for content rewriting when I’m not doing my other things). I’ve been building websites since 1997. I’ve created the content to hundreds of websites and blogs, about a quarter of them for clients who have come to me because they wanted me to write top quality content for their own websites.

Most of the time what happens is that website owners and managers see some really great content in the form of articles that they really fancy for their own websites. But, of course, people can’t just copy and paste it. That isn’t how it works; plagiarism points a very nasty (and long-lasting) finger at people who just steal content like that. Stealing other people’s work (which is what it is) is frowned upon for very good reasons, not least by Google itself, which will punish your site severely if it contains duplicate content which Google has already indexed at another web location and at an earlier date.

This is where I come in. I will rewrite the content so that you can be pleased to call it your own and put it on your own website. That way there can be no accusations of plagiarism and no penalties from Google or from anywhere else.

Once I’ve completed the work, all my clients are very happy and they have lots of top quality content on their websites. I have lots of unsolicited feedback from my clients that I’ve done a great job and they love the content which has been produced, and which now adorns their own websites. For my part, I always feel satisfied that I’ve been able to provide a useful service which is appreciated to this extent, and I’m delighted that my clients have always been very satisfied with the result.

You will want to check out the standard of my writing and see how it compares with the work of other people. My portfolio can be downloaded here.



How To Order Web Content Rewriter Services

Firstly, you need to know the content that you wish to have rewritten. You may well have the specific articles in mind already. If not, I’ve written a handy guide to finding exactly the right type of content that your website should have on it (and which Google will love, and correspondingly reward you with a good ranking in the search results). You can download my free PDF guide here.

Once you have decided what content you’d like rewritten, write to me at gordonsgoodfellow@gmail.com and let me know what needs to be done. If you want to go through an established platform, click on the link to go to my website content rewrting service page at the Legiit website.

Please send me a message to ensure that I’m available at the time, as I can sometimes get very busy. I’d be very glad to help you and I assure you of a professional and friendly service throughout.

As my portfolio shows, in terms of subject matter I’m very versatile, being conversant with most sectors. My background in the market research industry and my training has given me a very broad knowledge in lots of different types of industry and commerce, as well as the arts, academia and cultural life. There are very few areas that are so specialized that I would recommend that you try someone else. Although, be assured that if I thought that I wasn’t able to give your project the best standards that I’m used to providing then I’ll always let you know beforehand. (It does happen occasionally.)

It is also very useful to know the style and the ‘voice’ of the recipient website. So let me have a link to your site or blog and I’ll match the content to its new home.








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